Rolfing Articles & Videos


Rolfing® SI in the News

Rolfing Back in Vogue…

Rolfing…Regains Popularity

‘Rolfing’ massages make a return

Rolfing: No Longer a Fringe Therapy

Rolfing for Pain Relief

What is Pain and How to Cure It?

Rolfing that pain away…

Rolfing in Austin: Rolfing’s Impact on Joint Pain Relief

Rolfing for Posture

10 Powerful Secrets from Rolfing

Rolfing and Structural Integration

for Athletes

Rolfing® SI Mentioned During Thursday Night Football

Five Time Olympic Athlete Amy Acuff Uses Rolfing®..

Professional Baseball Players use Rolfing® SI..

What is Rolfing – and can it fix my running injuries?

Moving Beyond Muscle

Rolfing for Yogis

Deep Impact

Rolfing for Dancers

Bodywork Techniques for Dancers

Rolfing for Pregnancy

Rolfing the Female Body

Rolfing for Children and Young Adults

Rolfing Children

To Help Kids Move, Docs Try Rolfing

Rolfing for Animals

Animal Healing: The Power of Rolfing® SI

Articles By Dr. Ida P. Rolf

The Vertical: Experimental Side to Human Potential


Dr. Rolf Explains Rolfing

Rolfing – Demonstration

Fascia and Structural Integration

What is Fascia?

Views of the Living Fascia

Fascia: A Source of Pain in the Body

Anatomy of a Muscle (Myofascial Unit)

Fascial Research: Fascia and Back Pain

Gravity Busters: A Film on Structural Integration

The Life and Legacy of Dr. Ida P. Rolf

Of Grace and Gravity (15 min trailer)

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